KLASSIK HEUTE about BOZENA´S solo album Scent of The Past :

“Crystal clear, deeply empathetic and lyrical is her playing. She favors the high art, letting her phrases and melodies breathe. The many quiet moments of calm invite the listener to dwell on the music.
The selection of this recording offers an effective mix of famous masterpieces and more "undiscovered" compositions. John Downloads Lachrimae Pavana expressly starts with a gesture of fragile melancholy. Smoothly, the atmosphere continues with "Diferencias" by Luis de Narvaez. More contradictory as in the following it can not be: in brilliant G major Johann Sebastian Bach's Præludium turns from the first cello suite to absolutely amazing effects. Bach's sublime vocal sounds sparked by Bozena Wetchacz's sensitive guitar playing in a renewed light: much more dreamy and idyllic, the premiere appears through the guitarist's interpretation.
A complex and song-like Suite of Fernando Sor in a new form spans further towards a delicate song melody.
Quietly, the story of Mallorca is explained by the effortlessly floating game of Bozena Wetchacz, as the great master had felt. And finally, the tango word gets in compositions by Astor Piazolla and Ryan Dyens. Despite all the momentum that effectively arises through Bozena's flexible agogic, it remains the dominant impression of presence and deep calm throughout the length of the plate. "

Stefan Pieper


“With personal chosen pieces, Bozena creates a fanciful world,wich is exceedingly easy to indulge in…The album resembles an expedition into the universe of the guitar and especially Bozena`s technical skills.”

Katrin von Linstow